Cursed Treasure 2

Second part of the world famous game named Cursed Treasure. If you have played the first part you probably know what it is all about. This unique and amazing game possess amazing graphics and sound effects and it’s perfect for neutralizing some free and boring time in the school or work breaks. It is made for kids, teenagers and adults also. You can play the game bellow:

Your job is to build some defensive shield that will protect the cursed diamonds you got. The diamonds need to be protected from the mighty and ugly thieves because the worth a lot. You will have to build some towers in the higher spots that will attack the enemies with arrows, by fire or with electricity. You will have to choose the spot for building very wise and smart because their range need to affect large amount of field for better results. You can upgrade the towers when the up arrow will show and they will get bigger damage, smaller attack rate and bigger range. There are many levels that you should show the amazing gaming skills and knowledge you have and try to win them. As the levels goes by, they become much tougher and tougher to win.

We know that you have the right skills and you are more than enough ready for this exciting game that waits to be accomplished. As the levels goes by you will be unlocking specials like meteor or frightening that will help you to neutralize the enemies and clear the danger. You must try this game to feel what we are talking about practically and start enjoying. This game is player worldwide and it has very large amount of plays. That fact shows how much quality game we have here. The controls are very simple also, so there’s nothing you can be worried about. Give it a try. Concentrate hard and you will win for sure. If you like this great game you should also check Armor Mayhem which is very similar to Cursed Treasure 2. Good luck and have fun while playing this fun game on our site and we hope you will succeed. Make sure you also check Cursed Treasure 2 Unblocked.

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