Cursed Treasure 1

If you are reading this, then probably you have some boring time that you have decided to kill by playing this amazing game. I will say to you that you did the right choice my friend! Beside having fun and neutralizing the boring time you will have to show how amazing gamer you are and show all of your best skills and knowledge to win this game. This game requires some concentration. In this game you will have to defend your cursed treasure from some enemies that want to stole it from you. That treasure is worth a lot!

Defend the treacursed treasure 1sure by placing different towers which have good amount of damage needed to neutralize the enemies. You towers can be upgraded by killing more and more enemies. Upgrading of tower means that the tower will have bigger damage and range of acting. The only thing that you should take care is to choose the place for the towers wisely. The tower should obtain as much range as it can for better results. Beside towers you can also use the specials for waves that towers can not handle. You can say that you succeed and win this game if you successfully complete all of the 15 levels that are there for you. From the day this game was released, the number of gamers that are playing this game is rising rapidly. That’s the best proof of the quality of this unique and exciting flash game. You will have to start playing this game and feel what we are talking about because we cant truly explain this game with words only. That’s something that can be felt only. Give it a try. The controls are also very simple and you can not find any problems in that section of this game. Good luck and have fun while playing this amazing flash game on this site and we hope you will have some pretty exciting time while playing Cursed Treasure 1¬†and also check Cursed Treasure Unblocked.